Endo Treatment Options: Medical

Endo Treatment Options: Medical

If you are diagnosed with endometriosis, there are some medical treatment options available. They may not entirely eliminate the symptoms, but they can at the very least help to control them.

Here, we’ll look at the most common medical treatment options for endometriosis that are currently available.


Pain Relief Medication

As endometriosis can cause extreme pain, the majority of patients tend to be provided with pain relief medication. This is especially true in mild cases of the condition where Ibuprofen tends to work quite well at eliminating the pain.

If the pain is more severe, your doctor will usually provide stronger prescription painkillers. It’s worth noting that pain medication simply masks the problem, so if the pain is severe, you may want to look into alternative treatment options.


Hormone-Related Treatments

A common medical treatment for endometriosis is hormone treatment. Taking birth control medication for example, can help to stop heavier menstrual bleeding. This in turn will reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms as they are often associated with heavier bleeding.

You may even be recommended to take the birth control pills for up to three or four months at a time. This prevents your periods from starting, giving you a few months off the symptoms.

Before taking hormonal therapy for endometriosis, it’s important to understand the risks. They can cause some side effects such as depression, weight gain, acne and irregular bleeding. So, it’s important to talk through your options with your doctor before deciding whether or not to give hormonal treatments a try.



If the condition is causing significant pain and suffering, surgery may be carried out to remove the endometriosis. However, this type of treatment isn’t as widely used to treat the condition these days.

It involves a laparoscopic procedure which is typically used to diagnose the condition. The surgeon will usually carry out the treatment at the same time as the diagnosis. The results, however, can depend upon the skill of the surgeon. So, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing a skilled and reliable surgeon to carry out the procedure.


Which Option Is Right for You?

The treatment option recommended to you will depend upon numerous factors. The severity of the condition, alongside your age if you want children, and the side effects of the medication will all play a role in the treatment option you’re recommended.

Remember to ask about the benefits of each treatment, as well as the risks involved. Ultimately it is your body and therefore your choice how it is treated. As well as seeking medical treatments, you may also want to consider seeking emotional support. Endometriosis can play havoc on your emotions, so treating the mental health effects is just as important as treating the physical issues it presents.

There may not be a cure for endometriosis right now, but there are treatments available which can help to manage the symptoms. The above are the main types of medical treatments you can benefit from.


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