Skin Symptoms with Endo and How to Treat them

Skin Symptoms with Endo and How to Treat them

While pain, fertility issues, and problems with the bladder and bowels tend to be the most common endometriosis symptoms, did you know it can also cause issues with the skin?

Many women who are suffering from endometriosis find their skin also takes a toll because of the condition. Here, we’ll look at the different skin issues the condition can cause and the treatment options available.


What Skin Problems Can Endometriosis Cause?

Endometriosis can cause all kinds of issues with the skin. This is because of the hormonal imbalance that is created both from the condition and the treatments provided.

The constantly changing hormone levels can cause the skin to become excessively oily or very dry. Acne is also a really common issue which can understandably be devastating to those already suffering with the pain of endometriosis.

It also doesn’t help that when skin troubles do appear, it’s natural to try all kinds of things to clear them up. From laser treatments to scrubs; there are a lot of products out there to help eliminate acne and troubled skin. However, what this can actually do is make the problem worse. The more things you try, the worse it is for the skin.

So, how can you clear up any skin issues if you do develop them due to endometriosis? Well, first it’s a good idea to visit your doctor. They will be able to advise you on the best course of treatment. However, there are also some great natural treatments you can try.


Natural Ways to Clear the Skin

One of the most important things you can do when trying to clear up skin troubles is to cleanse the skin. This means taking off any makeup each night and cleansing the face with a gentle cleanser product. If you want to ensure the products are really safe for the skin, you could even create your own natural cleanser using products from your pantry. You’ll find lots of natural cleanser recipes online.

You can also start to reduce certain foods from the diet. Fatty, sugary and dairy foods can all have a negative impact on the skin. So, cutting them back can naturally help to clear up the problem.


Seeking Medical Treatments

Sometimes, natural treatments will only go so far when clearing up skin troubles. Therefore, you might need to look into more medical treatments.

Talk to your doctor to see what treatments they recommend. It could be that if your skin troubles are caused by hormonal treatments to combat endometriosis, you need to switch to a different type of hormone treatment. Different medications affect the skin differently. So, trying something new may eliminate the issue.

Endometriosis is difficult enough to live with, but when it causes issues with the skin too it can be devastating. How you look can impact how you feel, so if you are struggling with problematic skin due to the condition, book a consultation with your doctor. They will be able to recommend the best form of treatment to eliminate the skin condition you’re suffering from.


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